Imprinted Concrete

Our imprinted concrete solutions are available in a huge variety of designs and come with additional benefit of being completely weed free. Imprint concrete can be customised to almost any colour meaning we can install paving that matches your property exterior. All work is carried out by members of our fully qualified team and we only use materials sourced from trusted suppliers in order to guarantee their quality.

If you’re interested in having natural stone paving installed get in contact with us.

  • Low Maintenance – as imprinted concrete produces just one uniform surface, there’s no way for weeds to muscle their way in. Imprinted concrete is also relatively easy to clean and doesn’t require constant care.

  • Cost Effective – imprinted concrete delivers a luxury look at an affordable price. We can install imprinted concrete that gives off an authentic look and feel whilst also being friendly on your wallet.

  • Durable – our imprinted concrete solutions are incredibly durable, able to withstand a variety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

If you’re interested in having imprinted concrete installed or would like some more information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.